Beating chronic Lyme Disease, Bartonella and Babesia is about so much more than treatments. I’m headed into the sixth year of this journey, and I can honestly say I’m doing everything. Herbals, detoxes, lifestyle and diet changes, antibiotics, anti-fungals, anti-malarials, the list goes on. The thing very few people talk about is the emotional trauma of these diseases.

I’m not just talking about the well-known psychiatric symptoms of lyme disease — and even more importantly, the debilitating and uncontrollable anxiety, depression and panic attacks caused by bartonella, babesia, mycoplasma, gastro-intestinal disorders, and systemic parasites. …

In the first few months of 2019, I looked back on the past year and thought about all that transpired. At the beginning of 2018 my intention was to make it the year of a self-worthcrusade. Ironically I learned this lesson by allowing myself to be used, manipulated, controlled, devalued, and discarded by a number of people.

A part of me is ashamed that I could be so blind as to allow false friends into my life. The mindful part of me knows that I need to be loving and gentle with myself in the knowledge that I was in…

Even if we break, I will always care.

No matter where you go I will feel you…
The joys of your days and the sorrows of your nights.
The shifting of daylight and darkness in your soul.

I will forever long to soothe the tempest
and heal the wounds I sense in your heart.

Near or far you remain with me.
Constantly. Eternally a piece of me,
haunting me like an emotional ghost.

And I will forever wonder…
Forever dream of who we could have been
if things had been different.

If you had seen my heart as clearly as I saw yours.

Every artist needs a muse…
So many people take this to mean a sole source of inspiration
found in romantic passion.

The problem is that even in lifelong love,
a person is a finite and limited palette to paint from.

Dip your quill into the facets of their being time and again —
only to discover that a singular muse
is nothing more than a box of limitation.
The well inevitably runs dry.

I have found a treasure trove of revelations
from penning poetry and prose of the kindred souls I meet in life…

A heart to heart moment of…

I need a new muse
I lost mine…
They went off chasing a feather in the wind.

Silly thing. Such illusory elements feathers.
All delicacy and grace to the eye,
a sensual delight to the touch…

Yet cling to it and it crumples,
ruffles scrunches and mutates out of shape.
Such empty promises feathers…

Here one moment, gone in a breath.
Unfaithful fickle fiend of fleeting fancy,
singular symbol of a whole - yet good for nothing
beyond a frivolous decoration.

I lost my muse chasing a feather on the wind…
Had they stayed I’d have given them wings.

Thank you for reading!
If these words touched your heart, please share them with other poetic souls.

Dreamer…Those who know me best know this is a title that has often been attributed to me over the years. In high school I ran in a group of Nerd girls called The Vixens. Whenever a member was added to the group, they all huddled together and brainstormed a Japanese name uniquely for her personality. We had Ami, Aki, Yumi…and I was Nozomi. In Kanji, the translation of Nozomi derives as wish, hope, or desire.

A few years later at our Center for the Arts party for departing Vocal Department seniors, we had a superlatives ceremony. My classmates all voted…

One thing I’ve learned in life is to never take anything or anyone for granted. I feel driven to find some way to infuse meaning into every day…to make the most out of every moment. I have trouble connecting with a task, job, or activity that doesn’t add deep value to life.

I suppose you could attribute this to my personality type. As an INFJ the quest for deep meaning is a lifelong core value — we’re not satisfied with surface-level jobs, relationships, or projects — we crave depth in all areas of life.

However, it’s glaringly apparent that this…

Over the years I’ve learned a lot about love, friendship, and relationships…and I learned most of it the hard way. After many failed progressive Millennial attempts at dating, I learned that love and relationships are not a game, trust needs to be earned and maintained, and the idea that love is real when it tears us apart is a dangerous toxic belief.

I’ve since studied relationships for years, from the renowned evidence-based work of Dr. John Gottman and Gary Chapman, to seeking the wise counsel of those who have mastered the various relationship hurdles I face throughout life.

You Choose the People in Your Life

When my cousin Stacy invited me to join her creative crusade in building the Gold Millennial Blog, I was immediately drawn to the project. I felt like it was an event that had been a long time coming. I have often toyed with the idea of starting up a lifestyle blog, but had never felt like I had the time, resources, or confidence to do so on my own.

It’s a wonderful thing when creative minds come together. A union of kindred spirits has the power to create amazing things.

A blog that speaks to the truth of the reality…

Wonder Wolf

Resilient one shatters the shackles of past torment
Rejecting cruel blows made to tender innocence.
Heart scarred to the quick, yet pulsing in defiant love
Emanating confounding warmth and compassion,
Wounds mended. Stronger than before.

Protective warrior of peace
Valiant defender of the invisible, unloved, and unappreciated.
Gentle leader of timid creatives,
Wise wielder of words,
Anointed messenger of hope and renewal.

Lone wolf surging forth in power
Sounding his soul-song to the stars.
Magnetic call to kindred brethren
Vibrating into the fabric of the universe.
Gathering, guiding, and guarding the beloved members of his pack.

Dedicated to: David Casares

Angela Russo

Poet, aspiring writer, passionate advocate for emotional intelligence, avid nerd and Lyme warrior.

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