Embrace it…
The unique raw power residing within you,
Spiritual surge of eternal cosmic connectivity.
Let it flow.

Trust in the voice of the spirit.
Surrender to the dance, the flow, the journey.

Bow, bend, turn, and shape
to my loving caress, the gentle mold of my hand,
the wisdom of my instruction.

Let go. Unfold…
Blossom in the nurturing nourishing love of my presence.
You are my gift, my treasure.
My prized beloved mouthpiece.

Release all of yourself to me.
Relinquish your life to my superior plan.
I have you. You are mine.

Enfolded in my wings, protected by the armor of the spirit.
Guarded by a legion of my love.

Step out…Leap in faith.
Accept the blessing of your unique anointing.
Stride forth infused with my eternal power,
Spirit-warrior of divine source.

Live in communion with me.
Merge with the depths of my soul,
The mystery of my might.
Abide in the peaceful promise of my perfect love.

Poet, aspiring writer, passionate advocate for emotional intelligence, avid nerd and Lyme warrior.

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