Music is Life

Does Music Speak to Your Soul?

Music is truly one of the most powerful forms of magic that exists. Until someone figures out how to wield the force or perform a casting, we have music. Whether you’re listening to it or playing it, music has the power to transport you to another place, another mood, and a better day. There are countless genres and unique artists throughout the ages that have contributed to the ever-evolving art of music, but what truly makes it so enjoyable is the power that music bears to enrich every area of life.

Sometimes as creators we get so caught up in the technical aspects of crafting or expressing something in just the right way that we lose hold of the reason behind why we’re creating it…and that reason has a feeling. Thinking and feeling — while connected — involves blending two separate parts of ourselves, the logical-rational and the emotional-passionate.

Being creative requires a delicate balanced blending of these two sides of our nature. When we listen to music something incredible happens to fuse these two together. Where once you were wracking your brain to conjure up the next idea, you find yourself reconnected to the driving feelings that inspired the project in the first place.

Music bridges the gap between the real and the imaginary by evoking an emotional connection that is deeper than the confines of reality. Have you ever been sitting in a theater and completely forgotten where you are? Have you ever become so emotionally invested and transported by what you’re watching that time and space melt away and all that matters is what’s playing out on the screen or stage in front of you? Have you ever been watching a horror film or an action scene and found yourself so deeply embedded in the narrative that your heart leaps into your throat and you physically react?

Odds are that movie has a killer musical score. In truth we love the shows and movies that we love because we have an emotional connection to them. Music heightens this connection exponentially. A good movie with a bad soundtrack inevitably falls flat. Mute a horror film and it becomes hilarious. I dare you. Just try it.

Music is a powerful community-builder. When you meet someone who loves the song you love it’s like getting a glimpse into their soul. If you were ever a band geek or a choir nerd you know that nothing compares to the surge of elation that takes place during collaborative creation when your instruments or voices mix and dance together to form something bigger, more powerful, and intrinsically moving. In band we played the very essence of the planets into being through sound. To this day when I hear Gustav Holst’s Jupiter I find myself soaring through space, humbled in awe of the sheer immensity and grandeur of the planets.

Making music in a group is unbelievably unifying. There were many cliques within the vocal department, but when we all stood together and contributed our voices in song all of our differences melted away in the heat of pure musical bliss. When we were singing we shared something beneath the surface. A part of our shared passion. A piece of ourselves that couldn’t be expressed any other way.

Every kind of art — dancing, writing, drawing, sculpting, designing, acting, or performing in any way is a mode of emotional expression. The true power and beauty that resides in music happens when you surrender to it. Merge with it. Let it enter into your heart and take you on an emotional journey. In truth, this is what we love most about the wonderful art form as a whole. Music resides in the essence of our humanity. It breathes hope into the empty spaces, and tells the story that words can’t express. It has the power to pierce through any mood, shatter emotional walls, and soothe a tempestuous soul.

Music helps us heal, transform, express, relate, emote, connect, inspire, feel empowered, celebrate, relax, get pumped…it’s no mystery how the phrase “mood music” came to be. Music can in one measure both express and evoke feelings by sound. Music is a medium that gives people the ability to share emotions and experiences on a level that transcends the physical, and through that sharing, achieve a fundamental understanding of themselves and one another.

“Where words fail, music speaks” — Hans Christian Anderson

As the last notes of my written homage to the beauty of music ring out I find myself at a loss to fully express the purest essence of music, for as Ludwig van Beethoven said, “Music is a higher revelation than all wisdom or philosophy.” It confounds conventional methods of description. C.S. Lewis came close when he said: “Music is the thing known in the present life which most strongly suggests ecstasy and infinity.”

In truth I could write endlessly about the grandeur wonder and joy of music and still fail to do justice in describing the awe-inspiring magnitude of all that music embodies. Instead, I invite you to turn on your favorite song and let music speak for itself.

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Poet, aspiring writer, passionate advocate for emotional intelligence, avid nerd and Lyme warrior.