Barrage of swirling emotions,
tidal wave of deep feelings…
Yours…mine…ours…dancing, intermingling.
Flame heat spark climax collide.
The world a layered tapestry of emotive color,
woven intricately with the threads of every soul I touch.
Cosmic cord of spiritual connectivity,
Metaphysical meaning transcends mundane expression.

Time and space are an illusion,
a figment of unenlightened imagination.
Near or far your presence remains with me…
Every mood a palpable energetic shift,
every thought a tangible note of nuance
sprinkling into my awareness…unspoken, unheard, but known…
Secrets unearthed yet unuttered, felt, not told,
Tickling the edge of my mind.
Emotional past like an echo down a long hallway.

Empty words slap like a cold shock of ice water.
Protective fortress of concrete guardedness.
Behind your walls I know the storm that rages,
I feel your conflict. Vulnerability. Pain. Fear. Need.

Tender longing to melt barriers and soothe the tempest,
curl up around the hard places of your heart and soften.
I yearn to give, to heal, to guide…to fill, supply, and nourish…
Unconditional acceptance and compassion.
Primary instinct: to breathe love into the broken empty spaces of your soul.

When I say I feel you I’m being literal.
The hunger of your need twists and gnaws in my chest,
the scars of your heart felt deep in my body.
Physio-emotional synesthesia.
The tears of your past stain the fabric of my being,
the vibrance of your elation illuminates my soul.

In the pages of your emotions I read
the story of your deepest joy, profound pain, and ultimate need.
To connect with you is to know you…
All you were, all you are, and all that you could become.

Precognizant insight.
Beautiful vision of infinite potential,
unfolding soul undergoing spiritual transformation.
Shedding the shadow-world and blossoming…
Awakening the true self.

Sixth sense of supernatural sight, ineffable clairsentience.
Gift of pure intimate understanding.
Divine network of spiritual sensation…Empath

Poet, aspiring writer, passionate advocate for emotional intelligence, avid nerd and Lyme warrior.

Poet, aspiring writer, passionate advocate for emotional intelligence, avid nerd and Lyme warrior.