• Dr. Kevin Gazzara

    Dr. Kevin Gazzara

    CEO of Magna Leadership Solutions, Certified Positive Intelligence Coach, Management Expert, Professor, Speaker, and Author. Contact: Kevin@Magnaleadership.com

  • Chelsea Wannabe Collins

    Chelsea Wannabe Collins

  • Mia


  • Eric Flapjack Ashley

    Eric Flapjack Ashley


  • Brittany Denis

    Brittany Denis

    Happy homeschooling mom of three, farmer, physical therapist, and coffee enthusiast. I write about education, human health and movement, and sustainability.

  • Michael Fqu9b7

    Michael Fqu9b7

    Middle-aged runner. High-tech with a foot in the forest. Open/poly. In Ottawa. Hi.

  • Jamie-Star Crawford

    Jamie-Star Crawford

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