Etched in purple, mottled red, spotted white and gray.
Straight and thin, or blotchy and disfigured,
statements bluntly marked over skin porcelain or tanned,
smooth or rough, old or young.
Scars from the pain, the surgeon’s blade, or the careless hand.
Some scars will fade. Others remain harsh and unmoving.

Yet the worst scars are hidden to the eye.
Scars never fully healed. Some scars will always remain…as will the pain.
Scars that burn, ache, and bleed.
Scars of the body and scars of the soul,
marked, etched, and carved with emotions.
Emotions can be the sharpest things of all…
The most intense…the steepest fall.

Who inflicted these wounds on skin and soul so young and innocent?
Not even fully formed into final shape, marring the sculpted features.
Cruel tormentors in human form inflict pain from their own deepest scars.
Scars…scars that stain and poison. Emotional scars, wicked and twisted.
Confusion, fear, pain….

All paint a tainted film over the light,
and blocks out the sun of truth, beauty, and love.
How can we remove the grime?
What substance can erase and erode the scars,
smooth the clay and ease the soul?
What sound can reach the blocked ears,
Polluted with their poisonous lies twisted into an illusion of truth?
What light can pierce the gloomy shadow of darkness and evil
draped over them like a chain mail, heavy and cumbersome.

Lift the veil, tear it in two, reveal reality from twisted trickery,
expose the demonic version of life as the fraud that it is.
Voices cry out for truth, for mercy, for justice,
for a sweet sleep to dull the pain of toxic abuse.
Some remained cloaked in the darkness and lie weighted to the earth.
Others tear the ghostly cloak apart and emerge strengthened.

Let the rain fall down and wash away the iniquity,
cleanse them of sin, both their own or inflicted.
Light. Blazing pure white light.
An intense fire that reveals all. Judges all. Cleanses all.
Cleansed. Cleaned. Cleared. Purified.

Scars woven from an ancient pattern of pain to the intricate web of a story,
Every tear and sigh and wish threaded into the lines ingrained in the soul.

Thank you for reading my words. If they resonated with you, please share this so that it may read the heart of someone who needs to hear it.

Poet, aspiring writer, passionate advocate for emotional intelligence, avid nerd and Lyme warrior.

Poet, aspiring writer, passionate advocate for emotional intelligence, avid nerd and Lyme warrior.