Sorrow of the Oracle

They sought her pearls.
Traveling from afar, hungry for timeless truth and meaning,
seeking a light in the darkness spun of their own creation.

They came with their dreams cradled in the palms of their shaking hands,
blind to the fact that in clinging so tightly they crumbled each one,
and bound themselves so they could not catch themselves when they fell.

They came to her seeking words from the beyond.
One by one she counseled them, offering her pearls freely,
yet one by one they resisted to surrender.
Hands full of broken desires and false promise,
ears deaf to healing wisdom — they had no room for the truth.

Priceless pearls lay strewn at her feet.
Luminescent globes on a bed of shattered hearts,
heaped in a fog of tangled dreams and false visions, they pierced the gloom.
Freely given yet cast aside…

She lifted her eyes to the moon offering a silent plea and wondered,
“Why it is man breaks his own heart chasing a fleeting star rather than receiving the gift of eternal joy and peace given from tender love?”

The moon beamed back in empathy to her sorrowful gaze,
enwreathing her in a net of gossamer secrets.
With a sigh of surrender she understood and turned once more to her task.

One day they would be emptied.
They would return to receive her gift, or perish…
starving, hungering after that not meant to be.

Her heart would break for them countless times over,
but she would remain unbreakable…

She would welcome those wise ones who returned
with open arms and sweet healing pearls.
For she was ever loving.

Poet, aspiring writer, passionate advocate for emotional intelligence, avid nerd and Lyme warrior.