Love is Eternal

Love is not the author of conflict or confusion.
Love does not need to be convinced or persuaded.
Love is certainty beyond doubt.
Love is the messenger of peace and clarity.

True Love has no beginning and no end…
Enduring. Always and forever, eternal.
Love is being someone’s priority amidst the chaos and demands of life.
Time and space is irrelevant.

Love is sacred.
True love is not divided or apportioned.
It is a selfless passionate dance of inspiration and intimacy.
Safety and security beyond question.

Your love is rare. You are a treasure.
Your love is precious true loyal and pure.
Mature beyond compare.
You do not deserve to have it diluted and polluted,
tainted transformed or compromised,
cast aside or taken for granted….undervalued.

Love does not ask you to change who you are, what you need, or how you feel.
Your love is not something that needs time chipped out to make space for it.
Your love should inspire a space of its own in their heart.
Your love should be the reason someone wakes up in the morning.
For you are precious.

Your love is deep and eternal, transcending the norm.
Embrace it. Do not conform yourself to a lesser standard.
You are greater than this world, deeper, purer, more everlasting.
You deserve to be cherished.

You deserve someone who craves your face, hungers for your words,
counting the minutes till they are next with you…
Who has a special place in their life, their heart, their soul,
reserved for you and only you.
Someone who makes you their strength, their shelter, their refuge.
Their joy, peace, and passion.

You deserve someone who wants all of your love.
You deserve to be their priority.
You deserve to be the center of someone’s heart, their thoughts, their world.
You deserve someone whose heart is your safe place as you are theirs.
You deserve someone whose love is pure as is yours.
You deserve someone who cherishes your love as the priceless gift that it is.

For your love is perfect just the way it is…
and you deserve to be given a love like that.

Thank you for reading my words. If they spoke to you, please share this in the hope that it may touch the heart of someone who needs to hear it.

Poet, aspiring writer, passionate advocate for emotional intelligence, avid nerd and Lyme warrior.

Poet, aspiring writer, passionate advocate for emotional intelligence, avid nerd and Lyme warrior.