My Unexpected Journey to a Career of Passion

Image: Sasin Tipchai

Ever since I was young I strove to build a life of purpose and passion. I lived much as the world may expect — go to school, work hard, get good grades, get a job, get married, etc. I found myself perpetually seeking and unsatisfied. I transitioned from real estate to teaching, and even completed a semester of graduate clinical social work.

I longed for work that was fulfilling and inspiring…something that made a positive contribution to the lives of others while exercising my creative abilities.

Then one day in 2015 I went hiking with my husband in the Adirondacks. It was a beautiful weekend. The air was crisp and fresh, the scent of vibrant nature alive and joyous, and a babbling brook ran alongside the trail.

It was on that hike that I contracted Lyme Disease with multiple invasive co-infections. Over the next year and a half, my health deteriorated at a rapid pace. I went to over fifteen doctors and visited the ER four times without finding answers or relief. The pain progressed as the infections penetrated every system of my body.

By the time I finally found answers I was losing the ability to walk. Every moment was agony. The process of treatment was and is slow expensive and arduous. I spent months lying in bed, my days purposeless and empty. I was determined to overcome the statistics and build the life I envisioned.

I would not let these illnesses define me. Just because my body was incapacitated did not mean that I was any less of who I was — A passionate person with value to offer the world. I knew I needed to take action.

Scrolling through Facebook one day, I came across an advertisement from Nerd HQ calling for writers for their website. I am always and forever a nerd of diverse interests, so I pushed past the brain fog and wrote an audition piece. My sample was reviewed, and my writing services were accepted.

Although the position was unpaid, I’ve always believed that no matter what job or task you undertake, you give it your all without reservation. I committed to weekly articles and started studying content marketing and SEO tactics independently. I was dedicated to putting out the best quality work that I possibly could for the benefit of Nerd HQ and its devoted fans.

The writing opportunity lasted a little less than a year, but I had found my niche. Marketing connected my creative passion with my fascination for human behavior and emotional intelligence. I was ready to take my skills to the next level and advance my career in a concrete affordable way.

After a conversation with a friend, I learned about the Digital Marketing Nanodegree program through Udacity. Thus began a new chapter of my journey to fulfillment and passion. Whatever comes next, I’m confident that this new path of life will be beautiful.

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Poet, aspiring writer, passionate advocate for emotional intelligence, avid nerd and Lyme warrior.

Poet, aspiring writer, passionate advocate for emotional intelligence, avid nerd and Lyme warrior.